Gas Stoves VS Electric Heating

If you are refurbishing your home, you may be asking whether to go for gas heating or electric heating. Both have a range of pros and cons and it is up to you to decide which is best for your home! Keep reading to find out the benefits of each. 

What type of heat transfer is offered?

Both types of heating work in the same way, through radiating and convecting heat. The room is heated from the radiator outwards, and the air heats up as well as the objects in the room. The room will begin to heat up faster with electric heating, as the radiators get to work faster.

Which heating is quieter?

Electric heating is silent and creates no background noise. The only sound tends to be a small click when they initially switch on. With gas heating, there can be constant background noise such as gurgling and banging. These sounds only get louder as your boiler gets older, so this is something to consider- especially if your boiler is going to be upstairs.

Is maintenance required?

Gas boilers have the risk of carbon monoxide leaking, so they need to be serviced annually. This keeps your boiler running smoothly and safely, which is very important for your home and your family. However, very little maintenance is required with electric heating, and servicing is not required.

What are the running costs?

Electric tariffs tend to be higher than gas, but they are more efficient- meaning less energy is required. This means the costs can equal out over time. You also need to consider that the cost of gas may rise soon, as it is becoming more and more limited. 

Which is more environmentally friendly?

Using gas to heat your home is not ideal for the environment, as burning fossil fuels is damaging for the environment. Carbon emissions are produced that lead to pollution, which is globally trying to be reduced. Electric heating is better for the environment as it produces no emissions when it is used.

Need a new heating system in your home?

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